Clouds - Reset all Blend states to zero at once?


If I am piddling around with my clouds (be it in one of the parasites modes or standard blend modes) is there a way to set the blend state of each mode to zero at the same time so I don’t have to rummage through each mode and then each parasite mode and set the blend to zero for each state?

Thank you!


but why would you want to set all blend parameters in ALL modes to zero?
i mean isnt it enough to set them to zero in the mode youre currently in? :smiley:

Clouds tends to become like untangling Christmas lights for me because I get lost in the parameters. Sometimes I feel like my only option is:
A) Reset parameters to receive instant stress relief and start again
B) Walk away out of frustration
C) Pour water down the back of it

Answer is D) Pour water down your back, breathe and take your time…


An excellent reminder, thank you. :slight_smile: