Clouds: Replacement Colored Knobs/Unresponsive Blend button

Hey, hope this is the right place to post this. I’ve just bought a secondhand Clouds module which didn’t come with the original colored knobs. I’ve found the white ones on thonk but no luck so far for the reddish/greenish ones. Does anybody know where I can find those? I am a big fan of the color scheme used so I’d love to have the “correct” knobs for it.

A (more serious) issue I have is that the top right Blend button is kind of unresponsive, meaning that it doesn’t react sometimes or skips a few settings other times. I guess this might be down to a broken switch, in which case does it make sense to exchange that part? I don’t trust my soldering skills enough to do it myself, so I wanted to know whether it is even feasible before I contact a professional.

Thanks y’all!

I can supply you with replacement knobs if your module is not a clone or DIY build.

I can replace the switch too, provided the module reaches me before jan 27th. Contact me by pm or through the form on the mutable instruments site.

It is a factory build. Thank you so much!

I have the same problems with a second hand clouds. Why people are so strange to change in white all knobs? I asked to seller and he said “I don’t like colours and i changed”. So it is impossible to find spare parts to buy and make my Clouds like could be…

If your module is genuine, I can send you the knobs! Send a photo of the back of the board to