Clouds repair?

I’m new to MI/Eurorack etc. I’ve just taken delivery of a clouds unit described as mint but shows signs of repairs. Guy i bought it from says it’s 2 months old and I’ve seen the bill. He bought it new from DV247. Here’s a pic of the unit
Google Photos

Google Photos

Looks like a replacement pot on the in gain. Why would a new unit have this repair?


This is not a repair.

The dual-gang pot used for the IN GAIN control handles high-temperatures only for a very short amount of time. It cannot be wave-soldered like all the other parts, and needs to be hand-soldered.

(and if anybody here is aware of a dual gang part with a 10mm height and a metal shaft that handles wave-soldering well, please let me know!)

Thanks for the clarification. I received clouds, braids and frames today so I’m very excited to get them up and running.