Clouds randomly tranposing grains

I was palyig around with the Clouds module and it started randomly tranposing grains.

You probably triggered by accident the calibration procedure. You need to run it again, this time with the right voltages in the V/O input.

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Oke, thanks. I’l look into that.

It stil alternating between 3 different transpositions and none of them the original frequency… 0002 (1.3 MB)

If you get blinking red LEDs at the end of the calibration procedure, it didn’t work. Can you post a video showing how you perform the procedure? Which CV source did you use for it?

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Problem solved. I used Ableton to send the notes to my Roland MPU101 en CV into Clouds. But I did send a C6 note and not a C4. Now it works fine. Thanks for your help. :+1: