Clouds problems - painful digital noise, nothing musical :(

I’m having some problems that for a while now I’ve been blaming on my own inability to figure out this module. But … after updating firmware, running the calibration, following demos on youtube and scouring the manual, I can’t get this thing to work like it’s supposed to. No matter what the input is, I either get a wash of digital white noise when Texture is turned all the way to the right, and if any there’s any sound at all, a hollow high pitched tone when turned to 9 o’clock - no matter where Position is. In response to the Trig input I get painful digital noise that sounds like the alien transmission in the movie Contact. Turning Size all the way to the left creates yet another high-pitched painful noise.

Anyway, I can’t get it to do anything musical in granular mode. Could I be doing something wrong? Or is it a problem with the module?


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Send a video to support@

Your issue seems pretty big. Have you contacted support?

The module was in the “spectral madness” mode.