Clouds Position Knob Wont Work

I have had my clouds for a while now and all the sudden the Position knob won’t do anything.
Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

What firmware are you running on your clouds?

whatever firmware came with it.

Are you in main granular mode or (maybe accidentally) in some of the 3 (7) others?
Is this a factory built clouds or a “diy” unit?

Factory unit

I may have accidentally changed some mode, but I don’t know how to change them or even where they are. haha. I know I know… call me a noob to the clouds. haha

how to I get back to standard granular mode like it comes from the factory?

May be a good way to find out what fw is on :slight_smile:

WIth the stock firmware you change through the modes

by pressing the B button for 5 seconds until one of the LEDs glows in orange, and then repeatedly pressing the button to select one of 4 functions:

(First LED lit) Granular processor (normal operation).
(Second LED lit) Pitch shifter/time-stretcher.
(Third LED lit) Looping delay.
(Fourth LED lit) Spectral processor.

On alternative firmware ‘Parasites’ it’d be

changed long-press time to access the alternative modes to 2.5 seconds.


changed mode-switching interface: press both black buttons at the same time to change mode; then the two buttons to go back/forth between modes

depending on your version.

There is also a third quite common alternate fw to it (kammerl beat repeat), but i think there’s almost no chance you have that one on your unit.

I have the standard FW… and man… seeing this now what you wrote makes a lot of sense… I guarantee that I accidentally changed to a different mode. I think it’s in Spectral now. haha.
oh man, you are a Legend for helping me.
I will be back at the studio tomorrow and give this a go and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hi Nino,
Thank you so much.
You were correct.
it was just in the wrong mode.
Thank you again.

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