Clouds pitch quantize?

Is it possible to quantize the pitch so it’s forced to semitones ?

It is V/Oct, so if you throw a Quantizer of some sort before the V/Oct input, you can quantise it to whatever you want. But there is no such function built into the module.

Thanks. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible, without adding an external quantizer.
Someone very nice is making me a custom firmware.

Just got a Clouds so certainly only scratching the surface of the whole functionnailities but already found myself being in a situation where such a quantized mode would have helped as well. Is this new firmware would be available for the community Louis ?

Salut Seb, met moi un mail je te l’envoie.

Merci Matthias. Email envoyé :wink:

Je viens de voir ton message. J’ai des petits soucis avec ce firmware.