Clouds PCB and CubeMX setup: pin functions do not match with CubeMX


Firstly, thank you for open sourcing the hardware and software! It has been a great journey for me.
I didn’t dive very deep into software but I wanted to make a boilerplate for myself using the CubeMX for Clouds PCB.

For example the 595 shift register is connected to some pins but I all 3 available SPI settings in CubeMX do not match. Is there such possibility to initiate SPI on any pin when CubeMX and STHAL is not used? Perhaps I am misreading something.

Basically none of the available SPI (1,2,3) pins match the schematics for Clouds.

I appreciate your time reading my post, thanks!

For something as simple as refreshing 4 LEDs, you don’t need a dedicated SPI peripheral, you can simply bit-bang it!

That said, I’m closing the topic because this forum is only for the commercially sold modules.

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