Clouds: No sound Blend btn 100% WET

Hi, quite new to the Clouds but I can´t get this working. There is no sound going through when using the Clouds (btn Wet 100%) and the Freeze buffer only works when the Density Knob is turned to ca 10/3 o’clock. Any ideas? I can´t get a “scrollable sample” on the position knob.

1/ Is it running the official firmware or Parasites?
2/ If it is running the official firmware and you hold the mode selection button for 5s, is the first LED lit in orange?

It´s running Parasites as far as I understand, the first button is blinking in orange and I can cycle between the modes. I realize now that this may not be a question belonging here since it´s not official firmware…

I have updated to the latest official firmware now. Yes the first LED is orange. But now there is no sound coming at all.

What is the position of DENSITY?

Now there is sound. But it´s strange. Looking at YouTube tutorials I see that the Density knob when turned counterclock/clockwise it should produce a grain but mine rather seems to make a reverb/stutter/feedback kind of thing. As soon as I turn the Density knob beyond 11/2 o’clock it starts a feedback loop and goes crazy.

Hmmm maybe you can post a video?

As for the feedback loop, this will happen is the feedback setting is set to the maximum.

It´s big:) Dropboxlink?

Feedback is set to minimum

It seems none of the (4) parameters is producing any result right now.

This is really strange… Try posting a dropbox link to a video.

I can´t play this file here in my browser, can you?

Now I see that the reverb produces effect. Maybe I am setting some levels/workflow wrong…

Clouds was dead when I started up the next day. Restarted once more and it came alive. I ran the installation again and now things seems to work better.