Clouds no output

I’m new to Clouds, but not to modular. Just got this and I get no sound at all, and yes I have verified that its being fed sound. I’m sending both outs of the Intellijel Shapeshifter into it and confirmed its spitting out audio by monitoring it first before putting into the input jacks on Clouds. The blend knob gets me nothing and I checked that I’m in granular mode by holding down the first button on the top right for 5 seconds. Is there a trick to this I’m not aware of??

let me add that I see no input metering no matter what I do. The LEDs never move unless I adjust a setting and it reflects that movement, but for incoming audio… no leds at all.

Ok… solved it. Basically the cable in the back was seated ever so slightly off, allowing it to power up but obviously not operate correctly.

Yes, this happens when the module doesn’t receive -12V. The digital side (powered by 3.3V, derived from +12V) powers on, but the input/output amplifiers (which need both -12V and +12V) are silent.