Clouds maintenance

hey everybody, hope you’re all well and safe…

my MI Clouds has an issue with the “Blending Parameter” button (B),
just stop working…
recently it was already suspicious when switching modes,
sometimes failed when pressing…

how should I proceed on checking if it needs to be replaced…?
if so is it difficult to find the right component or to fix it…?

currently running “Parasitas”…


You can send it back to me for repair (not before October), or you can desolder and resolder the right part (Mouser 612-TL1105SP-250)

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hey Emilie,
thanks for replying so quickly… :slightly_smiling_face:

in fact, I unconnected and reconnected it in my euro and Clouds started to work fine again,
as always, but I can still perceive the “Blending Parameter” button (B) is missing some pushes… hope it doesn’t stop completely by these times…

and if so, I guess it’s not a big deal to solder a new button, right…?
since I’m in Brazil, it’s not that simple and easy to send electronic equipment
overseas… high tax issues…

well, now it’s time for a modular jam… :wink:

thanks for your help and attention
all the best