Clouds: Low white noise coming from both out jacks

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a used Clouds and the seller told me that this has the original firmware on it.

I’ve been trying it out a few days and noticed today some low white noise being emitted from both out jacks. It doesn’t matter how all other knobs are set, but when Blend is to the left, it produces more noise that to the right.

I tried moving the module away from my uZeus power supply but it was still the same. I made a video about it showing that there is no noise at all from my Pittsburgh Modular SV-1, but fairly loud noise from my Clouds. Any idea what could be wrong? Is this normal?

Impossible to tell from a youtube video. Impossible to tell without a full amplitude signal to make a comparison.

Please post a good quality audio recording (WAV or AIFF). Patch a signal in the input, adjust the input gain to get the 3 LEDs lit (green, green, orange), adjust the gain on your mixer/audio interface, then record. Then remove the input signal, don’t touch any of the gains, and record the silence (or noise) coming out of the module.

Ok, i will try that. Don’t have a computer or anything close by though so i guess i can use my phone to record?

I plugged the unit through my Zoom MS-70CDR effect pedal and used a bit crusher. When i lowered the bit depth from 16 bit to about 10 bit, all noise went away. Not sure if that has any relevance though?

I’m beginning to think it has something to do with my mixer but not sure?

I tried plugging my headphones straight into the Clouds output. The noise was significantly lowered but i could hear the same type of white noise but only faintly. Not sure if my mixer is boosting the incoming signal a lot so it’s much more audible?

Odd thing is that i dragged the whole case into my office where i have a computer. I first recorded my SV-1 which registered just fine in Audacity. But when i plugged it into the out port of my Clouds… it didn’t even register anything – completely flat.

So this ought to tell me that the ground noise from the Clouds is really faint. Completely lost regarding this thing. :confused:

if you can pull the level from your lifeforms that far up without your mixer indicating clipping or even moving the vu leds, you probably have any gain you can control (mic in + mix) all the way down (wild guess).
what your are getting is probably a faint noise floor (which is fairly normal). just increase the gains on the ins to a normal level and you should be good …
the noise floor can come from all sort of sources. your monitors, the mixer, the uzeus … and you will never have complete silence.

ps: just checking the routing of that mixer. you seem to go via the line in. probably better to use the mic ins for more control of the gain of the incoming signals.

These are my settings in the eurorack and i have a saw going into [IN L]. I increased the gain so that the orange led was constantly on. The out signal is fed into my Focusrite Scarlett Solo where i had to increase the gain just a bit to get to about -10-8 dB.

Hopefully this audio file will be able to download from my dropbox:

1-5 sec = saw tooth
6-10 sec = pulled out plug from IN L with BLEND wet (right)
11-15 sec = Turned BLEND dry (left)

The odd thing is that there is almost no noise when looking at the wav-file, but i can hear the noise if i connect my headset directly into [OUT L]. Also, dry produces more noise that wet does.

I’ve checked the audio file. This is the normal background noise for Clouds.

Don’t do that! Clouds’ outputs are designed to drive other modules or audio interfaces/mixers. Not making atoms move in your headphones. You’re not damaging anything, put just pushing a poor op-amp way beyond its limits. This applies to any Eurorack module except “output” modules with dedicated headphone outputs.


Ok thank you for the info and taking your time. I’m still very new to the world of eurorack.

I love Mutable,but im a beginner too…dont worry its a little bit hard to understand ,not only the signals comportments i modulation with these modules but surely they are the most powerfuls to invent a world a sound!