Clouds, LED (freeze) broken, replace HOW

Hello i have my clouds, sounds great, only the Freeze Led is broken, How can i replace that, and with what kind of led.
Thanks in advance, Dian from the Netherlands

You need to replace the entire push-button, Mouser P/N 612-LP4OA1PBCTG.

Thanks. That’s a whole operation.
can I attach 2 wires to the connections on the back of the board and make a new led connection. Looks not good but it’s okay.
or is this not possible.

Mmmm no…

Is it a genuine Mutable Instruments module? If so, I can repair it!

Oh thanks for the offer. But that’s alot of shipping costs I think. The problem is the removal of the old, broken part. But I think I can handle that myself. Just pull the pins out one by one.
Maybe you have any suggestions on removal off the old part. And I got a genuine Clouds, does that mean real, yes it’s real, wauw so Real, and then I mean the sound. Dian

Or what will be the costs if you do the repair.
and are you in France, for checking out what the costs will be for sending it, and back.

Repairs are free! You only pay the cost of shipping it to me.

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Oh man that’s super great.
I will do that, please.
I will sent it then after 16 maart course have then a musical meeting with friends and we will run sax though the Clouds. Sounds so very nice.
I appesiate this very much

Hello, that’s great. Only are you situated in the VS or in France.
Cause that makes a difference
Thanks again, Dian
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