Clouds In Gain Potentiometer

Hello, I am the proud owner of an Original Mutable Instruments Clouds. After years of use, my Gain Pot started scratching and introducing noise to the sound. I wanted to replace it so I ordered the compatible part that appears in the BOM at the Github’s page.

My surprise was that the part ordered is not the part that my module had. Mine has a metal potentiometer with a nut and the part of the BOM is plastic without nut.
I know that an earlier revision had those plastic ones mounted, but mine must be newer.

Can someone tell me which is the Reference for the Metal Potentiometer (Dual Gang)?
I’ve tried searching for that but I couldn’t find any info or posts talking about that same issue.

Thank you very much for your help.

It’s a custom made part, you won’t find any equivalent from a distributor! I can send you one, please email me your postal address to

Wow thanks Émilie, that is very kind from you. I was going crazy finding the replacement. I will email you right now with my details.

Thank you again for your help and support.