Clouds hardware issues: poti crackle, blend button

  1. The Gain poti crackles. I read another thread about it, though there was no information how to do it i think i can fix it myself. Happy to hear some short major advices for doing so if there is something you need to know beside what i would find on google.

  2. The more important one: The Blend Button only works like 50% of the time and i have to press it pretty hard too, which results in a very glitchy behaviour.

Thanks a lot

When did you buy it?

Mid 2015

Hello, exactly the same issue here on the Gain poti of my Clouds - feels unusual as I am using the it very very frequently. Did you find any solution for this?

Thanks a lot!! Love it dearly and would like to get the noise out of the way again!

Send it back to me for repair. This part is just super fragile.

Thank you, that would be great. Where to? All I find is “Paris, France”, will probably not arrive :slight_smile:

Contact me through the form on the Mutable Instruments website.