Clouds - get the raw saved buffer


Is it possible to somehow get the raw saved buffer files or at least to be able to hear them without being processed? Some day ago I freezed piece of sound I like but with low level. I would like to know what exactly was it to freeze it again with a better level. It’s hard for me to guess what was it exactly. If I could just listen to it again.

No there’s no feature allowing you to do that.

Ok. I think I didn’t understand how freeze work. I thought when you unfreeze and then freeze again - it’ll replace the old buffer. But it seems to overdub. I guess that you can set overdub punch-in place with POSITION? Because it seems I recorded measures of a song from different places.

Sorry for asking such basic questions: does freeze length depends on Audio quality buffer time? Or is totally independent?

I imagine the audio buffer as an endless train passing by a station window from left to right. :slightly_smiling_face: What you see through the window, from inside the station, at any time is what’s in the buffer. Pressing Freeze is like stopping the train. Or, to be precise: stopping the carriages that are in front of the window, and diverting the rest of the train to a different track (audio keeps coming through, it just bypasses the frozen buffer).

When you unfreeze, the moving train is connected to the carriages in the window again, so they start moving as they are gradually pushed aside and replaced by the new carriages coming in from the left. That means that until the whole “old” buffer is pushed out of sight to the right, you will see carriages from different parts of the train together in the same window. If you quickly press Freeze again at that point, you’ll catch different parts of the song in the buffer.

Position only sets the place in the buffer from which grains are generated, not the punch-in place for recording (new carriages always come in from the left side, not somewhere in the middle).

The audio quality setting determines the length of the buffer, yes. It goes from 1 second (high quality stereo, like a small but clean window) to 8 seconds (lower quality mono, like a big but slightly grimy window).

But of course, if you unfreeze and then freeze again three seconds later, you’ll only capture three seconds of new audio. If the buffer is larger than that, it will still contain some of its older content.

Thanks, It did stimulated my imagination. And now I understand it clearly. :slight_smile:

If you change modes to the looping delay (tape like) mode and set the size knob to the greatest position, you can hear a very large section of the buffer (maybe all? I cannot remember right now)

To be safe, save the current buffer to one of the four save slots if you really want!