Clouds Gain-In range

I just noticed during playing with Clouds, it would be quite handy being able to completely silence the input through the gain-in knob. It currently allowing merely -18dB obviously isn´t capable doing so. Wondering wether it could be possible to extend the range firmwarewise. Of course it´s possible to mute the incoming signal by either pulling the cables or attenuate it through an attenuator, then it would be a lot more comfortable via Clouds´gain-in knob, especially because Clouds got stereo ins.

The IN GAIN knob does its thing in the analog domain. The processor does not “sense” it.

The codec has a programmable gain cell and a mute feature, but they are very clicky so I chose to do the gain adjustment with proper analog circuitry rather than with the codec.

Allight, thanks.
May I ask for the reason it being designed not to attenuate any further?


> May I ask for the reason it being designed not to attenuate any further?

It’s an analog control so I don’t have much freedom on the response curve. With an audio taper pot, and extending the gain down to 0, a significant part of the course of the knob would have been close to silent.

I see. Thank you.

I´m not so educated in electronics and couldn´t find a quick answer, are there only taperpots for analogue control? (Question kept popping up, reason I felt like asking).

A slight derailment (though not the amusing sort): I’m finding that the dry/wet knob on my Clouds is not correctly recalled when the unit is turned on. It seems to default to 100% wet every time, rather than setting itself to the value of the pot. Is this expected behaviour? It’s no biggie, but slightly annoying.


Are other blending parameters (feedback, reverb…) recalled?

Everything else appears to be recalled, as far as I remember. I’ll double-check that when I get home, though.


Just checked. It does indeed appear to be only the Blend parameter that’s not recalled.


Is dry/wet the active parameter when the module is powered on?

I don’t know how to tell… The control that doesn’t seem to be recalled is the one labelled ‘Blend’ (pot ‘J’ in the User Manual). Other controls in that row do seem to correspond to the pot position when the module is powered up. Blend seems to default to fully wet, every time.


Ah, sorry. Just thread the manual. I haven’t tried the alternative Blend knob functions. The Wet/Dry balance isn’t recalled though. Can’t test the other functions right now.


“I don’t know how to tell…”

When you power the module on, does the BLEND knob control dry/wet, feedback, pan…?

Wet/Dry. Sorry, I missed that bit in the manual, and have never used it for anything else.