Clouds Flashing Back to Factory

Hello all, I flashed my Clouds firmware to Parasites and I decided it wasn’t for me. I decided to return to the factory firmware and everything appeared to go well. I can access modes and calibration , but I don’t get any audio. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this puppy back to original?

What are the current front panel and blend knob settings?

All of the knobs are pointed to 12 o’clock. No matter how far I crank the input gain it doesn’t register on the LED. If I take the audio out of clouds and run it into my output module its very loud. If I flash Clouds with Parasites it’s very loud.

What happens when you turn the density knob to 9 o clock and as @TheSlowGrowth said, check that you’ve got your blend settings (all 4 of them) set correctly?

Thanks, I’ll check when I get back to my house. Would the blend settings affect the lights for the input gain? I have the input gain pegged and no lights.

So I checked everything out and I still see no activity on the input indicator. I’ve checked all of the blend modes and recalibrated. I have density at 9. I really hope this thing is ok.

I’d maybe redownload the firmware file just to make sure you’ve not had some network related weirdness or similar. Seems really odd that you can change back to Parasites and it works but not the original firmware.

I’d imagine that it would just outright fail if the file was wrong but I’ve never had any bother going in either direction so can’t confirm that.

Is the FW update definitely happening and 100% completing?

Thanks for the help. Is there an approved / official link to download the firmware? I’ll try to find the link in the muffs forum and re download it in the interim. The firmware update definitely completes.I’ll try to post a video and maybe that will shed some light on this.

I’m sorry but reinstalling the firmware never fix problems. If the module powers on, the firmware is fine!

I’ve sent you a private message with instructions.

I need to know how to flash mine using fdti I think if anyone can help. I downloaded parasites it installed fine but didn’t like it either and want to go back to original. The module won’t take the audio files any more for the firmware and I’m stuck with what I believe to be a dodgy install or parasites. Really stuck.

Hi everybody, I have bought a 2nd hand Clouds module with Parasite installed but I want to go back to factory settings.
I downloaded 1.31v firmware, put into DAW then shot through Clouds L input.
everything seems to work fine except for density knob wich does not behave as expected. turning it does not influence grains creation, everything seems flat. pitch and blend work well, texture even, just one issue with density knob.
serial number is SCP17125511.
does anybody might gently give me any advice to make it work as an original one?
thanks in advance

solved, after calibration all in perfect working condition

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