Clouds firmware

Just got my hands on the lovely clouds module. It’s used so came pre loaded with Parasites firmware, only thing is id love to try the original firmware but can’t find it anywhere! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

It’s not on the website. I compiled it for some people in your situation, you can find it somewhere in the middle of the MW thread . Look for an attachment called “”.
But out of curiosity, why would you want to do this? Parasite only adds features, it (practically) doesn’t remove anything.

I’ve considered rolling my two Clouds back to the factory firmware as I’ve begun to experience that quirk where a great deal of digital noise seems to appear when I power on the module while in the Oliverb mode. It’s easy enough to get rid of it, but it’s just too unpredictable for my taste.

I’m sure that I’ll revert back once that issue is cleared up with another Parasites firmware update.