Clouds Faulty

I just bought a clouds off Gumtree but it sounds all comb filtered when I turn the blend knob. I’ve only set the other blend parameters to zero but it sounds nothing like what DivKid or Mylar Melodies sound in their youtube videos. I’ve put a drumloop through it, have it set the the general default setting but it sounds all comb filtered/anti-aliased. I’ve also tried it through the other 3 settings and they sound bad also.

I’m thinking the previous owner may has inserted the ribbon the wrong way. What happens to the unit if this is the case. I can know longer reach the guy I bought it off and just paid him £260 for it :frowning:

Has anyone experienced this also and if so what can I do?

Thank you.

The module is protected against that, and it would be quite strange that it would cause the module to act as a comb filter.

Are you sure that:

  • The module is configured for granular processing?
  • An alternative firmware is not installed?
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It’s good to know the unit is protected against inserting the ribbon incorrectly.

I updated the firmware to 1.31 and recalibrated the unit from my Beatstep Pro as per the manuals notes. This along with providing suitable pitch cv into the 1v/oct input has improved the sound greatly. I think the pitch range was way out and so was producing the comb filtering effect I was hearing.

One thing I cannot seem to work out is capturing more then 1/2 second sample using the Freeze button. It always only seems to capture a very small amount. I have tried setting the resolution to maximum but cannot have this increase the sample time. Am I doing something wrong here?


You have to play the fragment you want to capture and press FREEZE right at the end. Is that what you do?


I had a drum loop playing constantly so there was not much silent parts in it. I tried various knob settings but maybe these were not ideal. What would be good knob positions for maximum freeze time then?

The buffer time is independent of knobs’ positions.


OK, so I guess using the position knob for example will sweep thru sections of the buffered sample?


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