Clouds crash


I crashed my clouds after trying to reinstall the original setting. The volume leds are not blinking when i send the firmware to the input.

It is possible to send it to mutable for a check and give me an estimate for a possible repair?

Kings regards,

What did you do exactly?

Are you sure the module is in firmware update mode? The code responsible for the firmware update cannot be modified, so it’s unlikely you have “crashed” the module. The possibility of updating the firmware should always be there.

Repairs are always free, but I’m sure you can save on those shipping costs by explaining more clearly what you are trying to do and what is happening.

Thank you for your reply.

When i do the procedure to be on the firmware update mode, the freeze green led is blinking. But when i start the firmware from my computer the volume control lights are not working. They are only all blinking red if the volume of the input is too loud. So i can not control it. At the end if i put the volume down enought to not make them blinking, the module doesn’t restart.

Looks like no LED is lighting up simply because the overall level is still too low.

Which cable are you using?


I used a strero mini jack from my computer and used the left mono mini jack in the InL on the clouds.

Is that ok?