Clouds clicking on input

Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue - when feeding non-continuous sound into Clouds, it will quite often click when the following sound begins. If, for example, you feed it a sound with plenty of reverb, then it’s fine as I guess the signal is continuous, whereas feeding it a drum sound will create many clicks as new sounds trigger. It’s never a click on the sounds themselves as it comes and goes, seemingly at the random will of Clouds.

I know there are clicks in the modular world, but this seems like something that could be tweaked - Clouds can be used as the hub to create lovely sound design, but sometimes it would be a lot better without these clicks.

Hopefully it’s something obvious that I’m doing wrong.


What are the settings of the module?

I’m in the 2nd alternative mode, the Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher. Al knobs are turned down, or at 12 o clock (pitch and texture). Adding maybe a touch of the reverb or delay.

Can you post a recording somewhere?

Sure, will do.

So I’ve got a simple bleep repeating, with quite a lot of attack on it, so a nice rounded start. Here it is going through Clouds.

And bypassing Clouds

I’m not completely sure, but I think turning the input volume high on Clouds helps stop the clicking.

Has nobody else had this issue?! I find that hard to believe.