Clouds buzz sound


Hi guys,

I seem to have this very weird problem with the Mutable Instruments Clouds.
The problem is that there is this noise like buzzing sound coming out from the clouds. I have a TipTop Mantis case. I’ve never had any problems with it. Up until now I was using the Clouds as Send/Receive effect on the Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System Interface. Everything was being wired up through that mixer and basically I had all my VCAs plugged into that. There was buzzing on the master bus regardless of whether there was sound coming in or not. I then decided to disconnect the Clouds from that and I’m using it directly with with sound card (RME Fireface UFX). I’ve set up a send/receive path through it and the buzzing is still there. The sound card works perfectly, other pieces of gear do not have the buzz. So there is no way the inputs/wires can have a fault in this. Even other eurorack modules that I’ve wired directly into it do not have the buzz. It is clearly the Clouds module!

Even when there is absolutely NO SOUND coming in the Clouds the buzzing is still there. Even when there’s absolutely nothing else hooked up to it…the buzz is there.

What must I do to get rid of this annoying sound, I can’t use the module in my music productions because of this annoying distortion. I really love the module to be honest, I think it’s the best thing made and I’ve been using it extensively but I can’t release any piece of music made with it…


What happens when you patch Clouds’ output to a VCA or multiple, and then connect the output of that module to your audio interface?


I haven’t tried that but I don’t think that it’s the kind of patch I’d be looking for 2 reasons:

  1. the Clouds can receive stereo audio so that’s something I’d still want to have
  2. I need a CV signal to trigger the VCA. My modular rig isn’t that big and somehow that would be a limitation on how I can use the VCAs

I did make some progress on this one. Apparently if you have the gain all the way up there is some buzzing noise coming. I think I just need to AMP the signal somewhere else in the chain…


I’m not telling you this is how you should patch Clouds.

I’m just asking you to try this once for the purpose of troubleshooting. To know whether the problem is caused by a defective ground connection on Clouds’ jack (in which case you’d get buzzing when connecting Clouds’ output to your mixer/interface, but not when connecting Clouds’ output to another module, because the ground of all modules in the case are shared through the bus-board).