Clouds buzz problem

Hey there,

I’m having a weird issue with my Clouds. Whenever I turn the Blend knob, I get a short buzzing sound from my VCAs.
Here’s a recording of the sound:
(Never mind the ground noise, that’s a different story…)

I initially reached out for help over at Muffwigglers ( and someone there pointed out that it might be connected to the LEDs. And this seems to be a good trace. The buzz really appears whenever Clouds’ LEDs are on. I.e. when turning the blend knob, and when playing audio into the module.

I guess my main question is:
What’s the origin of this problem? Clouds? Or is it my VCA (Doepfer A-132-2)?

Thanks in advance!

Which power distribution board and power supply do you use? Which other modules are connected to it?

I’m using the Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit 1 PSU.
Here’s a pic of my setup/modules:

It’s not that much really.
That said, I also tried unpluggin most modules from the PSU, but the buzz still remained. So I highly doubt the PSU is overloaded.

Hmmm… try moving Clouds closer to the power entry point.

Thanks! The power entry point is literally right under Clouds already.

No more ideas?
It really seems to be an issue with the LEDs on the Clouds.
I can’t use the module as long as this issue remains. Surely the manufacturer must have some kind of idea what’s going on here?

I don’t have any idea what’s going on but I highly doubt it’s a defect of the module. Some power supplies and bus board combinations are more prone to induce noise than others.

So, I haven’t been able to solve this problem yet, nor have I found any other people who have it.
As I said, my PSU is the Doepfer DIY Kit #1, not too uncommon, I’d say…

In addition to the original problem, I found something else. A high pitched buzz that is there all the time. It’s gone as soon as I unplug the Clouds from the PSU.
I guess it is the problem that was already mentioned here:

Only that in my case the buzz is extremely loud and I can hear it all the time, even when making sound with my modular.

Are you sure that all in all this does not indicate that I have a faulty unit?

I really like the module, no offense, but as it is now I can not use it at all.

Yes I’m sure, faulty units just don’t work. I can’t think of a failure that would result in a buzz.

You can try a refund from the shop from which you bought it.

Hi, I have just had an identical problem to this and it was my PSU not the Clouds. I was using a lower amp rated wall-wart than the one for my PSU without realizing, so everything seemed to work. When I switched in the correct power brick, the buzzing went away.