Clouds bug : Blend Parameter is not saved


Before powering down my case, i always turn the blend knob to 0%. When i power it up it’s always fully wet.


Settings are saved only when you change the function assigned to the BLEND knob. In other words, the module stores the value of the 3 “hidden” settings, not the currently assigned one.

I think it looks more like a problem with the “catching up” system. I’ll have a look.


That’d be nice, thank you !



I assume you don’t want a .wav file since you’re running a modified version of Clouds? Anyway, the source code for the fix is available!


I do want a wav file since i’m not really fond of the Parasite firmware (which was modified by Matthias for me). Ideally i’d love a mix of both (regular firmware with pitch quantized to semitones) but i’m not sure you’d consider this option.

Thanks !



Me too! But where is the .wav file as I feel a little dummy in front of github?


I’ll post a wav file on the new site when it’ll be live.


Ok thanks!


.wav file for the update no PITCH quantization

.wav file for the update, with PITCH quantization

Temporary links working until the second week of june.


Thanks for these!


Wow thanks a lot!


1.5 had a fix with that dry/wet volume drop iirc. Is that implemented in 1.31 also?
Anyway, thanks a lot for both uploads.


Yes it’s there. I didn’t remember the other minor changes had been released as 1.4 and 1.5 (these versions have never been official anyway).


As i read Pitch Quantization this affects only the Pitch knob or would the 1v/o also be quantized to semis?


Only the knob.


Would it be possible to reupload the two wav. files (pitch quantization, no pitch quantization) again? Thanks!


Without pitch quantization:

With pitch quantization:


Thanks a lot!