Clouds - bought pre-owned, how to ensure it’s working correctly?

Hi All,

Long time lurker here, I’ve been into modular for about a year to the day, bought a Mother-32 at Moogfest last year. Clouds was the first module to make me realize this was something I really wanted to get into, but somehow only recently found “the right one”. Wanted one in excellent condition and a true MI module (I have Tides v2, Plaits, Veils, Links, Yarns as well, all bought new).

This is my first used module and it came with Parasite, but I immediately installed the latest firmware from MI. Everything seems ok but the Position knob doesn’t seem to do much?

Any guidance on how I can run diagnostics on it to make sure it’s all in good working order? It appears pristine, and even if it’s not 100% I’d probably rather hold onto it as it’s such a treasure.


If you’re sending a constant waveform to the module, it’s normal that POSITION won’t do anything, since everything in the recording buffer will be the same thing, the same waveform.

Try sending a dum loop or vocals - something that changes a lot in timbre! It’s also easier to understand what POSITION does when the buffer is frozen. Finally, with the highest quality setting (stereo, 32k), the buffer is less than 2s long, so it doesn’t capture a lot of material and it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of variety in it! Changing the quality setting to mono might help.

Things to check after installing the default firmware over Parasites:

  • Check that you’re in the normal granular processing mode (long press on the button at the right of the LEDs until a LED lights up in yellow. Press until the first LED is lit).
  • If you’re only getting very high-pitched grains, try the calibration procedure.