Clouds blend mode problem

I built a clouds module and noticed that the module responses to the knobs only in mix blend mode, in other modes knobs and cv are not functional even with the mix blend set to 100 percent. The blend knob works in all blend modes and the led changes color from blank to red but the effect only applies when I switch to the NEXT blend mode and it applies in a very rude momentary fashion. It remembers the blend setting setting but doesn’t apply immediately (cv also doesn’t work). Also there is blend signal adds when I switch to feedback or reverb mode with 0 blend before. For example I set mix blend to 100 percent than I switch to feedback mode and suddenly feedback added but it was set to 0 and I didn’t touch blend knob. After that all the knobs become unresponsive, blend knob changes the led color but feedback remains at a constant value. Then I switch to reverb mode and suddenly moderate amount of reverb appears but it was set to 0 before and I didn’t touch blend knob as before. At the same time there is feedback appears and it is set to that level that corresponds to the amount of blend I set in feedback mode (but it only applies in the next, verb mode). Then in verb mode I turn blend knob but nothing happens, all the knobs and cv are not working as well. I can set verb to 0 and it didn’t change but after switching to next mix blend mode it disappears.

Initially I flashed STM using FTDI with a standard clouds firmware which I compiled from the files provided in oliver’s github. Than I tried parasite firmware but no luck.

looks like I am having a problem with the blend knob or blend cv …
I am not asking to diagnose my pcb and caps and etc, I am asking for places of the pcb that requires attention in regard to the described behavior. In eagle I can trace all the connections from blend knob and blend cv but not sure which components can cause such behavior.

I would highly appreciate any help.


You’re not going to get such help from me.

You should take this to Muffwigglers. This forum does not provide support on self-built MI modules.


Yes I’m sure there’s plenty of people who can help you with this issue on Muff Wiggler. While you are totally free to build your own MI clone (it’s open source after all) there’s no official support on it from Olivier.

i am not asking for a so-called “official support”. Just was looking for a friendly advice… Sorry for being too poor to buy official module from a reseller, its hard times in Russia now, you know. Have a great days you all! I ll try to find some compassion on muffwiggler forum :slight_smile:

Oliver, you rock anyway! Keep it going this way!


That’s understandable, but the only people who can really help you are Olivier or other people who have built them. So MW is the best place.

@funkyj: I can only second what 6581punk said, the best thing is to find somebody who has built the same module and ask for advice. It’s not like we’re not helping you because you built your own Clouds (which is totally ok, since the project is open source, and if you DIYed it all by yourself, you even have my respect), but I don’t think anybody here would know how to help you anyway.

Yes, I have never built a Clouds.

I confirm that all the Clouds protos are built by the Mutable Elves in his basement.

I just use a low-volume assembly service. I’ve never built any of the SMT boards myself.

Oh right, sorry, often discussions here tend to drift into hilariousness at this point (or just get totally derailed) :slight_smile:
But yeah, it wouldn’t make much sense to build protos… I guess it would take an pointlessly huge amount of time so solder all that SMD by hand.

Not to forget that there are certain restrictions for commercial products. Lead-free solder is not particularly known for being easy to use.

I’ve always used lead-free solder. I’ve done a couple of small surface-mount projects, and everything worked fine, so far.


I think Pichenettes was talking about the prototypes. The manufacturing of course isn’t done by hand… that would take like ages!

Not much point building through hole and then finding out that the SMT version doesn’t work either due to some component difference or layout issue.


I made it working - looks like some obvious soldering problem. I used Eagle’s “show” button to trace all parts from the blend knob and blend cv in and touch everything on its way. I am a happy clouds user now! Sorry for disturbing people here if most post was against the rules.
Oliver thank you for sharing you projects with community, you are just genius :)))