Clouds available anywhere?

I thought these were going to get released now? Why am i seeing an April release date? Come on…

The module has been released last week and is already sold out. That’s why dealers are now announcing april as an availability date. It takes that long to make a second batch.

Still waiting on analog havens preorder. The pain! The anguish! Oh the humanity!

Pre-orders were around a few weeks before release. It is a popular module and sold out before release.

Best advice is to get your pre-order in early. The next batch may well be sold out before they arrive in the shops, too.


Elements, shelves and streams are still in stock here:

House of Sound in Basel (Swiss) could potentially still have some (possibly hasn´t gone on sale there yet):

Funny… i also was looking for clouds everyhwere, but they all out of stock… even had my problems finding a reseller for the braids (but found one).
Maybe make a bigger batch next time ?

>Maybe make a bigger batch next time ?

There are limits to what MI can do. You can’t always predict demand either.

> Maybe make a bigger batch next time ?

The next batch will be 500 but whenever I introduce a new module it’s always 225 (250 - 25 pre-production units). I don’t want to do more because that’s the limit of how many module I can repair/disassemble/reprogram/whatever myself in case something goes wrong.

I found one in a shop in Budapest, Hungary!
It is currently in transit… so excited!

I just ordered one at schneidersladen in Berlin.
They told me that there are already have 60 pre-orders on the 2nd batch.
So there are indeed chances that this 2nd batch has already sold out too.
Are there any plans for a 3rd batch?

Second batch consists of 500 units and is not sold out yet.

And there’ll be new batches after that of course!

Out of curiosity; how’s business? Are you happy with how things are going at MI right now? :slight_smile:

Things are going well - except that I’m not that good at predicting demand patterns and knowing which of the new modules will be popular (Clouds outsells Elements, Shelves outsells Streams…). January was very messy due to the arrival of the new modules. Since the beginning of february I’m back at designing stuff and it feels good!

Stopping the production of Anushri/Ambika/XT DIY kits instantly killed a lot of stress and freed some time. The next step will probably be to discontinue the Shruthi altogether and get rid of the online shop.

I’m not thinking at all in terms of growth, but rather about how to shift/rearrange things so that I spend more time designing more interesting things, and how the whole thing can stay lightweight (as in: moving to another city or making increasingly large pauses/breaks for travel shouldn’t be an issue…)

Don’t worry about not being able to predict demand and popularity. I honestly don’t think this is really possible, even not for the big players in this industry. Just try to keep in mind that it’s really not your fault or problem when people have to wait before the thing they want so badly is available again.

Getting rid of the Shruthi and your shop is probably a good move and something you can safely do by now. It seems that the DIY stuff is being taken over by good people who know what they’re doing on both sides of the Atlantic, and the number of outlets for the modules is more than sufficient. I loved ordering from you directly, and not only because you ship so damn fast, but we should simply not get all sentimental about that. :wink:

It sounds like it might make sense to hire someone you trust part-time to take care of the more mundane stuff of running the business so you can focus on the design and development part, and easy move around. I’m assuming a lot of the business stuff is already not too much location dependent?

translation of the last sentence:
“So some of the business stuff could be run from, say, the Netherlands ?” :wink:

For tax reasons? :wink:

Since manufacturing happens near where Olivier currently lives, I’m assuming he wants to have some kind of testing/packaging/distribution/service/repair operation there.

No, I was guessing it was for personal reasons :wink:

Part of Mutable Instruments is already pretty much scattered over a wide geographic area :slight_smile: