Clouds AC 12v +- wall wart standalone

I’ve found myself in a situation that I have a spare clouds, want a reverb for my prophet 12 and had a thought!

So the question is would a 12v AC wall wart be stable enough to supply clouds? or would it need filtering etc? Or does anyone know of a single module case psu? One in actual production.


The wall wart alone is not enough. You need a dual supply with +12V and -12V which can be made easily from an AC wall wart. Some soldering is required, though.

Look here for schematics and instructions

> So the question is would a 12v AC wall wart be stable enough to supply clouds?

It’s not even a matter of being stable enough.

A 12V AC supply provides a voltage oscillating between -17V and +17V (at 50 Hz or 60 Hz depending on the country you live in). That’s an entirely different thing from the two steady +12V and -12V rails that Clouds need.

You could power Clouds, in theory with two 12V DC supplies. But that wouldn’t be a very practical thing to do.

how would you do the dual 12v DC? I have a pile of them so they are free right now, same with rails I have small rails etc … the optimum thing is is it cheaper to do than a Doepfer mini PSU board, if not… I simply buy one of them, or sell the clouds and buy something better suited to the job.

( keep in mind there’s already a clouds in the rack so I’ll still full o’ grains :smiley: )

Try this?

erm … doepfer mini psu = £39 / patch box £349.

PSU 1 + = 12V

PSU 1 - = GND

PSU 2 + = GND, tied to PSU 1 -

PSU 2 - = -12V

But if a reverb is what you’re after, I’d say sell the Clouds and get a Lexicon MX200 or MX300. Clouds doesn’t really make sense without modulations anyway.


I have an MX-200 so it’s for going in a bag and travelling light, I’ve got an SBX-1 I use for USB midi that has cv out, so a tiny clouds running the parasite for the massive reverb and modulated freezing etc, ipad to sequence the 2 will be fantastic and then a 4 way adapter everything will power.

I’m unfortunately moving to a much much smaller space than currently and most of the keyboards have become desktop versions and I sold a full tiptop space case and 9u of modules off.

(Lots of heartbreak! I had my analog keys for about a month in full before this re-location was agreed)

Thanks again for the help