Clouds 2nd run

hey, when is the second run of clouds coming?
i ordered one a couple months ago

Shipped the first half to dealers this week, will ship more around may 20th.

just got mine, 2nd batch, thanks

Sorry to be boring/annoying.

Just wondered how this was looking, Rub a Dub in the UK don’t seem to have had any modules outside of the very first batch at the start of the year. Any updates on when they might be looking at getting some?

Been waiting since February and the lack of Clouds is making me really sad.

yes i was wondering the same thing, did the may 20th shipment go out?

truly incredible module its all about what you feed it .hope you guys get one soon

just ordered one from schneidersladen and i know that i must wait long long but it is a trully unique and utterly successful module so i must be patient…

I’m wondering about this as well since my preorder should be in this shipment, any word?

Any info about when there will be new Clouds available ?

Some dealers will get some next monday, some dealers will get some end of september, some dealers will get some end of october.

OK, thanks !

Damn… my local dealer ( got some from the first shipping. Unfortunately after only a few days it was already out of stock again and I just missed it…

Is it possible that the next shippings will be to some same places as the first one?

EDIT 16/09: OK, they just got some more, thanks