Clockdivider to recommend?

Hi folks,
as my eurorack collection comes to a point, where i can state to have enough VCOs/DCOs, filtering and modulation stuff, some utilities as mults, splitter, mixers and so on, i still cannot get rid of the feeling that something is missing. I came to the conclusion that i am still in need of some tools on the infrastructural side, as a Clockdivider for my sequencers. Preferably in the DIY world, but not mandatory, i would like to hear about your experiences/recommendations for some.

While it’s not a clock divider, what about Branches?

Hm, never thought about Branches that way.
Guess that could be a nice tool to generate funky open/closed hihats grooves.
My main intentions would be drum triggering and sequencer (sub-) clocking.

I have a 4MS RCD. Works great and is also available as a kit. It’s quite cheap as a kit too.

Branches is highly recommended. Lots of fun.

Yeah Branches is really cool to add more variation and a bit of randomness to your rhythms and clock signals!
A clock divider might still be useful if you want to just have some subdivisions of your main clock. Maybe it would be worth the while to get one that does both subdiv and multiplication, or one that is really small like the 4ms RCD.
I think you should get a Branches AND a clock divider!

Barton Musical Circuits do a quite comprehensive clock divider DIY PCB. It’s available from Synthcube in the U.S. as a bundle with a panel. This panel only breaks out the basic controls available on the PCB, however. I’d like to make my own panel to make use of the pulse-width control, as well.


Hmmm, being tempted. I think i may go for rumpelfilters idea and buy RCD and Branches. RCD for straight and exact timings and Branches for more funky stuff. Thanks so far !


can i advice triggerman,a used one v1 is nearly the cost of RCD kit
and many more options…

@midirobot is that the Delptronibs Trigger Man? That’s not really a clock divider…
Intriguing module, though. I have a plan to shamelessly steal a couple of ideas from it for a module of my own.


i know it s not really a proper clock divider,but…
put a clock input and the tempo knob act as a clock divider,
the cool stuff in V2 is that you can set different divided clock for every output (1,2,3,5 division)
and choose between gate/clock pulse/trigger for each output.
it s a deep module,many possibilities,really like it!

The Trigger Man looks good.

I also vote for the Barton vc clock. I use mine with a RCD as well. The Barton vc clock also has a random switch which I use a lot more than I expected.

Just to make things more complicated: you can get a XAOC tirana or any other small seq with gate/trigger and use that as a clock divider :slight_smile:
But the cool thing about clock dividers like the RCD is that you get all the divisions as a dedicated output at the same time, this is a feature I would not underestimate.