Clock speed and supply voltage

I am just breadboarding a Midipal and realised that Vcc = 3.3v with a 20MHz clock. This is well outside the official spec for the 328p and wondered if this combination works reliably with all 328p’s? Presumably there is no difference performance-wise between the through-hole and SMT varieties?
Cheers for any thoughts!

Hallo Paul

I think for a single project, it is ok. But I would not use it in an official product!. 16MHz at 3.3 volts is the absolute maximum and works with me always.

Greetings. Rolf

Oh god, I never knew about that!

I’ve never seen any glitch or weird malfunction in all the midipals.

Sounds like Atmel’s products are better than they think!

Symptom #1 of overclocking is that some peripherals will not work as expected. Given that the MIDIpal makes very modest use of the I/O pins and internal peripherals (just a few timers, and UART at a fairly low speed), this might be why it’s so tolerant to overcloking.

there are numerous threads around the web, where people get all exited about overclocking AVRs. Almost like in the computer gaming scene. Mine worked fine up to XXX MHz. Oh yea, I tried cooling it to increase the performance. blabla.

Apparently 30MHz is not a problem, with the peripherals like UART, SPI, I²C etc. failing first.

Its crazy. And totally pointless.