Clock out on new v1.0? [ANSWER -> set midi out to SEQ]

Am i right that the new Shruthi firmware has midi clock out?
I can’t seem to get it to work.

When set to the “Sequencer” MIDI out mode.

[EDIT] Yes it works! thanks
[EDIT] Maybe you could add it to the XT manual.

Works for me - I connected three Shruthi running v1.0 in a MIDI daisy chain (midi through enabled), set bpm on the sequencer page to extern (find it at the extreme low end of the bpm range, I think) on the two slave Shruthi, and then with them all running the sequencer in jam mode, no other MIDI input, they all sync, all controlled by the bpm speed of the master Shruthi at the head of the chain. Nice!

I’m trying to sync my Volca beats to the Shruthi but this gives some problems… it syncs for a few bars but then the beats gets stuck and i have to take the batteries out to reset it. Even the on off switch doesn’t work anymore. I have synced the beats to other midi clock signals before so i guess it has something to do with the shruthi.

Do you have something to record a MIDI trace?

i could hook it up to my computer… any special program that’s handy for recording the midi stream? (on mac) … i looked at midimonitor but that ust seems to give a steady stream of clock pulses…

Oh and for now i solved my problem by hacking the midi out port on the Volca beats. And hereby i think i’m the first on the interwebs to confirm it does send midi clock on the hacked midi out port.

more precisely doesn’t freeze if i latch it set on step mode. As soon as i start playing with the let’s jam knobs or switch it to arp or seq the volca freezes.