Clickless encoder

Crap, the encoder I bought has no click. Well, that makes it hard to save stuff. Just venting. :slight_smile: Need to check what I bought…
ALPS EC12E24204A7, Mouser: 688-EC12E24204A7. Let’s try again…
Yeah, I guess that explains the two empty holes at the top of the encoder on the circuit board that I was wondering about.

Can I put this one in the Shruthi, that has a longer shaft: Bourns PEC12-4225F-S0024 / Mouser 652-PEC12-4225F-S24 (from Ambika BOM).

You can use it indeed.

I put the Bourns in, which is OK, but the encoder has a soft click when turning and seems a little bouncy. I think I like the more authoritative hard click of the ALPS encoded in my other unit, EC12E2424407/STEC12E08, it seems more accurate, gives more positive feedback, and values don’t really bounce a lot. I think I’ll use the ALPS on future builds.