Cleaning mutable panels

Hi folks! I just picked up a supposedly new Grids and there’s some a strip of some sort of residue on the front panel - it could be sticker residue that has dried and lost its stickiness, I can’t tell what it is. I believe hairspray is supposed to be good for this type of stuff, does anyone know if it won’t damage the panel printing? And if anyone knows of any non-hairspray alternatives, I’m bald, so it would be nice to find something I already have around the house. Ha. (I’m assuming glasses cleaner is too gentle?)

The ink on the panel is not on the surface, but deposited under a clear, anodized layer. The only thing that can damage it is UV rays (since they can go through this layer).

I’m not sure which cleaning product is the best for your problem, but you shouldn’t worry about dissolving or erasing the printing.


Great! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Best use some Alcohol dissolved in pure Water. I use the stuff i disinfect my hands with, nowadays. Not the gel type though.


To clean off most surface gunk use this:

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With any solvents, I’d be careful around those soft touch knobs.