Cleaning a rack mount Waldorf XT

Cleaning question: I have a Waldorf XT with that funky coating on it, and its dirty ( I just received it today) whats the best way to clean it? would isopopynol damage it? its almost like its covered with some felt type paint or somesuch?

I guess starting with soap water and a sponge would be the best start ? :wink:
We have something here called general cleaner (general-rens), it’s a more effective version of your average de-gunker, without being overly aggressive, I guess something like that would be a good solution as well.

IPA has to be avoided if unsure about the fact if the coating is an acrylic one…

Its the nextel fuzzy feeling paint , the knobs are all cleaned up , so now I need to remove the case and wash it in hot soapy water , then ill tackle it with isopropynol, thanks all

PS It sounds awesome

You will instantly destroy the Nextel. Try some water + Qtips!

Yes, no alcohol, that is a big no no. If it is really bad you could try plain toothpaste with a soft cloth. I really only recommend that for yellowing keys as it will take off the silk screening.

Well its pretty dirty, and the panel is too tssccchh boom

Ill have a digi tune up in the next few days, Xt, G1 and ambika oh my!

You may find this Refurbishing Your Old Equipment article of interest.

Hope it helps!


Thanks, Ive given it a once over, and I dislike the nextel coating/paint, but the knobs are all clean, and the synth sounds awesome, better than I hoped for tbh!


Q: What the hell should I do with the Modifiers and the Mod Matrix? Do I ever need these?

A: Yes, you definitely need them. They are the key to the power of the Microwave II/XT. If you ignore them either because you think you wouldn’t understand them anyway or because you think that you are a musician and no algorithm programmer, better go for a Piano or a Mouth Organ in the future. Really, these two modules gives you what synthesizers were thought for: modularity to a maximum possible extent.

Hah - so true!


Its like on the Shruthi. Or Vice Versa. Who was first?

Post a pic of your baby

Maybe change the Display also to an orange one? :wink:

Hmmm… Orange on Orange would be, Orangey. Do it!

I just finished cleaning the surface of all my synths. I used the “Up and Up” brand antibacterial wipes from Target (US-based retailer). That did the trick and now all my gear has a nice Citrus scent as well! :slight_smile:

Joking aside, it’s amazing what a difference it makes having everything in my studio nice and clean again. It’s actually inspiring having everything look so crisp and new and not covered in dust and grime.

And i always thought nictotine yellow keys and fingerdirt sunburst knobs were signs for vintagyness…

Yep, that’s what pros are calling “authentic” !

Ill print stickers with “Is this still useless or is it already vintage?”