Clean potentiometer to remove crackling noise

I just bought my second Ripples. I bought it second hand and it got some crackling noise from the frequency potentiometer. I tried to exercise it and it helped to some degree but I still get some noise the it turn it fast.
What is the recommended method to deoxidise the pot? Does isopropyl alcohol held? I guess I can’t use some kind of contact spray since it will short the pot?

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There’s specific products to bring crackling pots back to life. I usually just spray this onto them: but I’m sure there’s better solutions.

I’ve had good luck with Deoxit. It’s made for cleaning pots, switches, etc.

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I used DeOxit for faders in the Dynamics section of a 0-coast and worked great. Give it a try. Don’t use contact cleaner because it’ll remove the original lubricant and will feel loose and dry even if you apply lubricant afterwards.


Deoxit D5 is great. I’ve used it for years for working with old amateur radios. Here is one of their videos about “Cleaning the Pots.”

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Deoxit has been recommended to me in the past. Unfortunately it’s totally impossible to find here in Italy, and buying from abroad is quite expensive. But thanks for reminding me… I need ot see if I can find a can one day. Always good to have.

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I’m not sure if it’s any more available, but I’ve used MG Chemicals 801B Super Contact Cleaner, which is a similar product.

Yeah, it’s very expensive. I think I will try to apply some isopropanol first.

If isopropanol does not work to your satisfaction you can also try acetone. Warning! Don’t let the acetone get on a PC board.

The benefit of things like MG Chemicals 801B is that it also contains a lubricant. That or Deoxit are more expensive than isopropyl alcohol, but I think are worth the price considering the hassle of replacing pots.

I ended up spraying some 7-78 in the potentiometer. It removed the noise but the lubrication from the spray made the pot feel worse. I like the resistance of the alpha pot’s in mutable modules. Now it feels like something else :confused: