Claude & Ola - "vol"

Our second album, recorded during and after Ola’s Covid-19 isolation/quarantine. She was exposed in her work environment and ultimately contracted the virus. Fortunately her case was largely asymptomatic, but this period was also stressful and uncertain, given that much is still unknown about the longer terms effects of the virus. She’s doing great though, very thankfully.

Field recordings, piano, voice, electronics, flies, bowed banjo, and modular.

Thanks for listening❤


Nice. Sorry to hear about Ola’s illness, and glad that she has, hopefully, recovered

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Thanks so much Dave!

Reviving this thread just to share that, having sold out of CD copies on release, the label is reissuing a short run of discs for interested parties that missed out!

Shipping for CDs is delightfully more reasonable than for cassettes and TQN-aut is a class act as a label.

Of course, streaming via Bandcamp is free.

Curious listeners may hear some MI sounds (the first track is Spectral Madness processing the sound of a neighbor mowing one of our fields).

I know the forum leans understandably more to the tech and practical side of things, but since there is space to share music I will.

Thanks all!


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