Clarke - Gore techno

Clarke - Gore

Everything these guys are doing in this project is awesome. These old fellas show the young breed how pros do electronic music. hrhrhr

Ahem This is quite old news :wink:

had not heard the track though…sorry…

I must have been living in “The Dark Place” - I knew it was on the cards, but was not aware as to how far it had progressed. I could be suffering HIM syndrome - Head In Modular

I thought I wrote about this earlier.

VCMG is excellent production. It is made mainly with Analog devices and Modular setups.

As you know both Martin and Vince are big collector of all kind of analog and vintage equipment and Martin also got in to modular world for last 6-7 years. ( see the latest album of Depeche Mode )

It may be old news to some, but many thanks to Fitvideo for posting the link - I hadn’t come across this collaboration before, and LOVED this track (reminiscent of Orbital to my ears)


I had not either… it was sent from an SDIY mate from Austria yesterday (so he thought it was new). I really must be suffering Head Up Modular Syndrome, as I follow Clarke and Depeche, but somehow missed this …
Bizarre -

Ah, yes I suffer from HUMS too on occasion :wink:


Whole days disappear, :wink:

Now that is a great track, thanks for posting !

The Regis mix of Spock is on Fabric 69: Sandwell District, which I can heartily recommend if your into that sort of thing.
Plasticine by Plastikman is also featured in the mix, so that made me get my 303 out.

mmm been rinsing “falling the same way” & various old regis & female stuff, didn’t realise Sandwell District had a Fabric CD, thanks for the tip-off. West Midlands vs Berlin! we’ll take you on ha ha …
clarke-gore track cool too thanks fitvideo. so much goodness about!