Clarity on voice cards

So I am getting ready to undertake Ambika but I’m a little concerned and in the dark about stacking voice cards on each other or the main board (why would I feel inclined to do one or the other?) and I’m also curious because I know there are 6 outputs, do I NEED 6 outputs to run full polyphony? (I’ve seen videos with one output in effect).
Thanks in advance to all you attentive souls.

  • It doesn’t matter if you stack the voicecard horizontally first, then vertically (1, 2, 3 ; then 4 on top of 1, then 5 on top of 2, then 6 on top of 3) ; or if you start populating them vertically (1, 2 on top of 1, 3 next to 1, 4 on top of 3, 5 next to 3, 6 on top of 5).
  • You need one voicecard per polyphony voice.
  • For N-voice polyphony, you can mix and pan each of the N individual outputs, or just use the mix out.