Clarifications about 6 separates voices use + future drum sounds card

Namaste Olivier.
Bravo pour ton job !
In fact, i have sever wonders about the ambika …

I have in my grenier an old doepfer schaltwerk and a regelwerk.

And i was thinking about making a transportable set made of : the schaltwerk, the regelwerk, and one or several mono synths to make sequences + a drum synth , all controlled by the doepfer units… this set would then be the sequences heart of my set…

First i was thinking that several shruti would be great, but the new ambika seems more adapted to my project .

i would use the ambika as 4 or 5 mono synths … (i don’t expect to play the ambika as a polysynth actually) and keeping the 6th voice free of the future drum card …

but what do you expect to do exactly with the drum card ?? could you give us few infos about the specs ?
this would clarify my choice … the conference you gave at modularsquare was very instructive, but too few info about the future voice card for ambika …:slight_smile:


There are two embryos of drum voicecards: one uses 808-style kick and snare circuits (pulses and noise sent into SVF filters) with a few parameters under voltage control, the other is a simple “flashpler” - playing back samples at variable speed from flash memory (SD card). Both have a “polyphony” of two voices.

However, there are hundreds of other things that are higher on my priority list, so I cannot make any promise as to when they will be released, if they ever get released at all. Projects in the pipe end up being released some day, but sometimes it takes years (remember the people who asked me for a MS-20-style filter board for the Shruthi? Or my promise to make a SSM2164 4-pole? It finally happened)

Well ,
2 voices in the drum card… seems a bit low, especially if adding a second drum card won’t allow layering others drums sounds (exple : clap, conga , …)
finding a small DIY drum synth with multiple voices with different sets seems not so easy to find … Vermona DRM are too big and expensive for me …

Vxxy, but it’s not DIY.

I’m surprised there isn’t a DIY MFB 522 clone somewhere…

isn’t the 522 a 808 clone?

hold on the MB522 is under 300 euro! is thatthe best bang for buck analogue drum machine?> or is there a DIY alternative?

Not something for 300 with as much bang for the buck :slight_smile: A few hundred will get you a DIY 909 (the 9090), which is kick-ass. It’s not a build for the faint of heart though… Plus, it’s not exactly small either.

> 2 voices in the drum card… seems a bit low, especially if adding a second drum card won’t allow layering others drums sounds (exple : clap, conga , …)

There’s not much you can do on the Ambika voicecard format, especially using analog with voltage control over key elements (because you’re not going to stick a pot in the middle of the circuit).

@pichenettes will the 808-style percussion circuit you have in mind allow for the creation of a variety of percussion sounds, or is it literally just going to do kicks and snares (with limited parameter control)? If by some magic you could manage to squeeze in some kind of hi-hat circuit, I think it would be a much more attractive proposition, even if you could only play two of the three at any one time. Mind you, combining the sample-playback and analogue Kick/Snare cards might make a pretty cool percussion setup, especially if you can use your own samples.

Incidentally, I was one of the ones who requested an MS-20-style Shruthi-1 filter board. I did have to wait a while, but it was worth it, so I’m sure this will be too…!