Cirqoid - all in one PCB prototyping machine

Anybody seen this?

It’s a compact PCB prototyping machine that does all the work from making the PCB to actually soldering the components.
At least they advertise it as such.
Seems like a cool idea, but might suck in real life.
Still… it costs just a little bit more than a Monome Aleph :smiley:

if that works its a cool machine.
i imagine the time waiting for prototypes is a big factor that slows down the developtment of new products. so it might be perfect for people like oliviere.

It doesn’t slow me down because I always have several projects in the pipeline at the same time. While a PCB is being prototyped I move to something else - write code, instruction manuals, test procedures - or just switch to a new project. That’s why my modules are released in batches :slight_smile:

I think it’s actually quite helpful to have my protos done with an industrial process - it rules out all possibilities of errors (~20 orders so far and not a single problem) which really speeds up troubleshooting (if something doesn’t work, it’s my design or my code, not the assembly process), and forces me to have sane documentation at a very early stage.

Wow, look at this video, it is truly amazing. It really does everything!
Now if it would be half the price…