Circuit bending and DIY scene in Germany

This is a question to people living in Germany: I’m currently trying to find out if there is a circuit bending and musical DIY scene over there, and if there are some online resources dedicated to it. Does anybody know something?

Yo rumpelfilter, maybe you start here ?

oh that’s right! I had forgotten about that one! thnx.

Poss a bit OT, but i played at a festival in Germany many years ago, Lab30.

They were very into weird/noise/circuit bent stuff; even had a 4 hour live soldering/diy/bending sesh.

Manfred is the guy who runs it and might be worth contacting from another perspective.


here in berlin, there is a monthly synth diy nerd get-together called 19-zoll-stammtisch

i always meant to go check it out, but somehow never have managed so far.

Thanks! Both links look great! (actually these are the moments when I really miss berlin, here in the middle of bloody nowhere it’s every man for himself…) But I have now some good contact in Munich and am considering pushing things forward for some events to be held… but it’s just ideas right now.