Cigar box Shruthi?

I have a shallow Cohiba box I’d like to turn into a little synth. Is it big enough to house a Shruthi?

(internal measurements)
Length: 200mm
Width: 165mm
Height: 30mm

The wooden lid (i.e. the “panel”) is 4mm thick.

What do you think?

Any other considerations?

Thanks :smiley:

Heigth isnt gonna match for the standard stack…. (Bottom to top: 1,8mm Airspace 1,6mm PCB 22mm Spacer + 1,6mm PCb +10mm Airspace = 51,4mm)

maybe you can connect them with a ribbon side by side?

That is kinda tight. The PCB is 88mm x 120mm.


Damn. I thought I would get away with it. Maybe I’ll just get a bigger cigar box :wink: Thanks all.