Chrome trouble with the the MI forum?


I seem to be having some trouble with this forum using Chrome on my Macbook all of a sudden, it’s displaying as though the css hasn’t loaded so it’s a completely flat list of text with links in their traditional underscored and blue format.

Chrome seems up to date, oddly enough, it works fine with chrome on my tablet and phone, just not the desktop. There are no extensions running and all of my other usual haunts display fine.

When I try to click on the ‘sign in’ link, nothing happens at all. I’m posting this from Safari.

Is it just me or is there some other weirdness afoot?

I found Chrome to act weird with most websites lately (apart from having become a huge resource hog) and switched back to Firefox.

Hmmm using Chrome on OS X here, no issue.

Clear out your browser cache?

Yeah I’m an idiot, wonky cache issue, I couldn’t even muster up the brainpower to think that far ahead, sorry.

Chrome definitely feels like it’s getting a bit flakier lately though.

Cheers all, go about your business.