Chord progression On tides

I have worked on My modular today and try som stuff but How do i control chord progression on tides, so i can get a specific chord at a specific time, i have only mutable instrument modules.

Its advanced for me.

You really need a sequencer! Stages could do it, but there are much less expensive options :slight_smile:


Nice i have stages :slight_smile: how had you patched?

Well you need a sequence into v/oct and then another sequence from stages (orange mode) into the shift cv input. This way the chord can change with the note cv.


Nice thx for the tip, hope MI Will do a superior seq :smirk:, Will check for one otherwise:) or buy one more stages.

The voltage block by malekko is a really useful sequencer for these kinds of applications :slight_smile:

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Dame you naled it DonKartofflo voltageblock is really something i really consider buying for my ecosystem, good that you mentioned it because it makes me consider the purchase even more. Thx for input mate :):slight_smile:

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If you own Frames…it could do the trick. It has four programmable outputs…


No frames:(

I do actually use frames for that a lot, especially taking the first output through a quantizer of sorts and using the two remaining cvs to modulate the waveshapes.
Ive always wanted a little expander for frames that lets me assign keyframe positions to certain notes on a scale. Sadly this isnt currently possible with just the cv input as it isnt sensitive enough for eg semitone increments and i cant seem to come up with a way to patch that function from scratch

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It’s only four steps so perhaps a little limited, but couldn’t the mini sequencer mode in peaks be used?

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You can have up to 20 frames so that would be 20 steps as a sequencer and four channels worth of sequencing.