Chord memory?


Just acquired a midi pal which I’ve been playing around with. I got it all working and is really good especially sh101 seq.
only function I’m having problems with is the chord memory not working, followed instructions but no joy.

Have it set up with my mpc200xl as I normally do daisy chained between the out of my mpc and the in on my first module.

Can any one help?

> memory not working

Can you explain what happens?

Hi thanks,

Yes I select chord memory, play a chord push buton back down. Try to transpose the chord up and down keyboard but just plays the normal single notes.

I’m sending and receiving on the right channels.

Must be something simple on midi pal I’m over looking?

Click the encoder. The brackets appear around the channel number.

Play the chord.

Click the encoder.

Thank you so much, new it would be something simple. This box is amazing want another one.