Choosing last voice card?!

I have bought 5 ready built and tested 4P cards off Oliver.

My brain says add a last 4P.
My greed says SVF.

I have a standard Shruthi.

Any one got audio of either way?

Don’t have any audio, but I have heard both. I personally preferred the SVF over the 4P. I say, get the 4P to finish and add 3 SVF to swap out from time to time.

I havent heard any proper comparisons between them. I snapped the cards up as theu where a very good price.

@Pish I have some 4P “leftovers”, PM me if interested or look in the market forum.

It depends how you want to use your Ambika. If you are more of a ‘2 hands keyboard’ player user of the Ambika you’ll want 6x 4p. I myself am more of a sequencer user. Most of the things i do with the Ambika are run by arpegiators or sequencers. For me a polyphonic part can also exist out of 3 voices. In the last case it can be interesting to have different voices in there since i often use it multitimbral I have 6x 4p but kind of regret not having got a SVF. I might some day.

I have 3 fully assembled ambikas sitting next to me, one with 6xSVF, one 6x4P, and one 6xSMR4 - I am intending to get off my butt sometime soon to record and upload proper comparison demos with full polyphony of each filter type - still have to tune the 4P cards though so I’m procrastinating on that

my intention is to ultimately choose one of them and sell the other two, but I am having hard time deciding - so far my inclination is to keep the SVF and SMR4 and sell the 4P, perhaps deciding later between the SVF and SMR4, but I want to get some good comparison demos recorded first, I think it will help me be more comfortable with my decisions - they are all rather fantastic sounding filters

If you’re not set on 6 voice poly I think an SVF for the last card would be a good choice. if you want 6 identical voices at a later date it’s not a big deal to get ahold of a 4p card

I got 5 4pole and 1 svf

Logic being to have the svf for bass and the other 5 for the rest.

I think I read that layout on the MI website.

I haven´t finished the assembly yet and I don´t have other ambikas to compare.

I do have a standard Shruthi like you so I thought that SMR4 would be too much alike it and wanted variety.

Just my 2 cents!

Oh and by the way, you could always switch voicecards later if you want!


2 hands keyboard player here, driving myself crazy trying to decide on filter options. The old comparison with the bouncy lead line didn’t really help. You said you had all three and would do a comparison? PLEASE DO! Can I send you beer? ; )