CHIP 9$ Computer

Looks small and usefull

CHIP - The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer via KickStarter

Do you think pocket version might be used as utility box for musicians ? for midi or audio utillities ?

If it has enough decent IO possibilities I think the MIDIBox people would like it for their core. But they’re on their third ARM board as it is.

This is very similar to a raspberry pi, with a different choice of connectors. Same applications, same caveats…

I don’t see how something like this would be relevant to the MIDIbox people.

@pichennetes When I see it today; I tought

  • It might work as usb midi converter
  • Possibly it may host some VSTs with Windows 10
  • May run Ardour and do stuff like KDJ-One with simple midi interface

it is 9$ or with 49$ with touch capable display and a battery. Isn’t it cheap for possibilities ?

Wrong choice of peripherals for embedded then?

Yes, but nothing new compared to the raspberry pi.

These things won’t run Windows 10 because it’s ARM. This one is also not going to deliver very impressive performance since the SoC they’re using only includes a single A8 core. It’s basically like the lowest low-end Android tablet you can buy today.

The downside of this and the Pi is that they’re more like downsized “regular” computer that need a general-purpose OS like Linux or *BSD, and not an embedded system that allows low-level programming without the overhead such an OS brings.

@t2k Windows 10 will work on RPi 2

@pichenettes RPi A+ costs 20$ and this cost 9$

That’s not the same Windows 10 that you run your music software on. Don’t let MS’s Let’s Call Everything Windows marketing strategy confuse you… :wink:

Also, please note that you can buy a Pi today while this thing won’t ship a FULL YEAR FROM TODAY AT THE EARLIEST and given the track record of most hardware kickstarters probably even much, much later than that.

Also, the price quickly reaches the level of that of a Pi once you want to attach some stuff to it like a remotely decent display.

Yeah… people freak out every time when someone claims its cheaper and pretends it has the same features…… i know because I’m german and watch my fellow clueless citizens buy filet from the pork for 4,59€/kg.

Why would any sane person want to run Windows on such a computer?

@rumpelfilter I am insane <:-P it would be good to have such a small device can host a vst

It cant host vsts unless the VST developers bring out an arm compatible version.

Good point @TheSlowGrowth

If you want to use VST get a proper computer :slight_smile:

I’d say it loses to the RBPi 2, since that is more or less a proven design, with a lot of people working on it, for not much more - and you get more power, much better connectivity, and so on. Cool concept, but it’s quite limited in functionality as a musician’s utility…

At least from my point of view. Yes, you can connect a midi keyboard, but it will only run things that already run on linux, so not that many things. Getting a display adapter for it is 10 bucks more, and you can’t have a non-bluetooth keyboard or mouse attached at the same time, unless you use a hub.
The pi has similar limitations, but I’d still rather have the raw power, and existing community.

Cool concept, but for 9$ you sorta know that a few corners were cut.

Might be useful for a USB host though?

Regarding the Windows 10 support for the Pi2, it will be powershell only. So no GUI applications. Have a look here:

~$11.00 / pound for pork chops! That’s highway (autobahn?) robbery