Cheetah MS-6 individual outputs


Designed this simple little board a while ago.

It adds individual outputs to a Cheetah MS-6.
It works with a Oberheim Matrix-1000 too but it makes more sense with the MS-6 because of its multitimbral mode.
I know that Gligli worked on the M1000 firmware.
I’m really thinking to get in touch with him and ask if he would work on a multitimbral mode for the Oberheim.
That would be really great.


Multi mode on the Matrix 1000 would be a major change to the OS. I doubt the CPU is fast enough, it struggles already.


Well, I guess you did not have a look at Gligli’s upgrade… :wink:


Which didn’t work on other people’s Matrix 1000s, so he put it on hold.

But what I am trying to say is that the 1000 was built to be monotimbral, the MS6 built to be multitimbral. So the hardware in the Matrix 1000 will have been specified with monotimbrality in mind.

The Oberheim Matrix 6 supports a split mode, but has slightly different hardware to the 1000.


Id love one for my ms6 :slightly_smiling_face:


Then PM me…:wink:


you provide me good idea about that. so for further details i will PM you soon.